Inside the Consulting Resume Review

The path your resume takes after you apply

Did you know that less than 25% of consulting applicants land interview invites? Why is that? One reason is that consulting firms go to great lengths to hide the true nature of their resume review process. That's why only someone who's been on the inside - and helped thousands more get over the hump - can truly say what top consulting firms look for on the resume.

Join ex-Bain consultant Jenny Rae Le Roux for this powerful webinar on what goes on behind-the-scenes as consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Deloitte review your application.

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Jenny Rae Le Roux

Jenny Rae graduated from the University of Virginia and obtained her MBA from Columbia Business School. She joined Bain after traveling around the world, writing a book, working on financial public policy in South Africa and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Since leaving Bain to co-found a tech company she has advised over 45 different early- and mid-phase companies around the world, retired twice, and built up a real estate portfolio. Jenny Rae currently conducts 100+ training sessions per year on case interviews, consulting resumes, and business strategy.

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Thank you so much! My resume looks completely different and I'm happy with the result! - Rachel, Accenture

This look absolutely phenomenal - wow!! I am so thrilled - thank you so much. - Wanda, Attorney transitioning to consulting